Laois Footballers Accused Of Drinking Before Games

A bitter Laois County Board meeting has seen a portion of the region's footballers blamed for drinking before recreations and their administrator Peter Creedon seriously reprimanded, composes Stephen Barry. 

Laois beat Longford and Wicklow yet lost to Kildare and Clare to end their title crusade, while being consigned to Division 4 of the alliance. 

The drop out from the year was bantered in solid terms on Monday night, with the Crettyard delegate John Burke blaming a few players' drinking sessions for hindering their exhibitions, as indicated by the Leinster Express. 

"Is it the director's issue that in any event four of our senior football players gather for drinking sessions? Everybody in the road is discussing that, will be that the ranking director's shortcoming? Or then again is it the players shortcoming? Four of our beginning group were engaged with that. 

"On the off chance that we need to come in here now and have a fair dialog, we'll have one. The talk we'll have will be everywhere throughout the media in the first part of the day, Laois are doing this or Laois are doing that. You can't drink pints of Guinness and talk shite in a bar, and after that play football." 

Burke explained that the allegations concerned drinking "days prior" amusements. 

His estimations got "100%" understanding from Timahoe's Willie Ramsbottom, while Stradbally's Eamon Delaney said any individual who knew and neglected to pass on any data to Creedon or defy the players "are incompletely mindful too". 

Creedon's charges were additionally blamed for an absence of arrangement and energy by representatives, however the previous Tipperary director wasn't saved either. 

Mick Lawlor, who was on the Leinster-winning Laois group in 2003 and is as of now the Emo delegate, said of Creedon: "From what I saw for this present year, to clutch that man, you could be returning Laois football five or six years." 

A movement was proposed on the night not to recharge Creedon's one-year term, however director Gerry Kavanagh demanded he would initially need to meet players' agents before any choice could be made.


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